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Training Enrollment Successful

DFdiscover Training & patch 5.2.1 install instructions

To take the DFdiscover training and review the patch 5.2.1 install instructions, please log into Moodle at the following link using the same login server you used during enrollment:

Once you have logged into Moodle, the class will be listed under the heading "My Courses".

If you have already taken the training and need to access the instructions, please find the instructions in the "My Courses" class, in the section "DFdiscover 5.2.1 patch install instructions".

Client Tools

Please remove the previously installed software and shortcuts from laptop/desktop before installing the patch. 

To download the patch version 5.2.1 DFdiscover 2019 client tools, click the appropriate link listed below and authenticate using the same login server you used during enrollment:

Mac: DFexplore 5.2.1, DFsend 5.2.1
PC: DFexplore 5.2.1, DFsend 5.2.1

Support Contacts

For questions related to DataFax, DFdiscover, or the training, please contact the NIAID Global Clinical Data Services help desk by email at