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NIAID Science Forum


This web site hosts the following collaborations:

NexGen-EBA: Radiologic and Immunologic Biomarkers of Sterilizing Drug Activity in Tuberculosis

This studies the effect of different anti-TB drugs on microbiological, radiographic and immunologic markers in people with TB.

Principal Investigator: Clifton E. Barry III, Ph.D. Identifier: NCT02371681

PREDICT: Effectiveness of Using Biomarkers to Detect and Identify Cardiotoxicity and Describe Treatment

The goal of this clinical research study is to learn if certain biomarker testing on blood samples can help to detect heart damage that may occur during chemotherapy. Biomarkers are chemical "markers" found in the blood that may be related to heart function. High levels of these markers may be linked with heart problems such as heart damage.

Principal Investigator: Clifton E. Barry III, Ph.D. Identifier: NCT01032278

IBRSP: International Biomedical Research Support Program

The International Biomedical Research Support Program (IBRSP) manages IT services on behalf of research projects operated jointly by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases together with its partners worldwide.  IBRSP deploys and maintains networking infrastructure, high performance computing facilities, storage services, communications systems, and collaboration tools for use by the global scientific community, and it provides technical support to scientists, clinicians, faculty, staff, and students at established offices, laboratories, and field research sites.

( Slack Channel | AWS Console )

UAT: User Acceptance Testing

This site exists for training and testing purposes.